piyushHarsh Shah has proven meaning of Vivarta (Transformation) to us. Really he has got power to fulfill what matters to his client.

It gives me pleasure to share my view and experience of working with team Vivarta. This short period of time with Harsh Shah has changed whole perception and thinking of mine about purpose of being here in the world and vision which was hidden in my mind since long period of time. He has enlightened our dreams.

Harsh Shah, a truly passionate leader, has given GELCO a new direction to dream. He has changed mind set of GELCO family, a family having members of more than 200. He is such a person who lives and breathes by his Profession. His involvement into business is nearly as a real director of company. Today I am really proud of my decision to engage Vivarta Consulting.

Harsh Shah owns his client. His ‘Execute outside the BoxTMmethodology & Transformation training is proven as a fire igniter into any cold mindset. He ignites mindset by his heart which touches any man kind’s heart directly. We are experiencing this transformation. He has power to set the stage on fire.

I am speechless for GELCO’s journey with Vivarta so far. This short period of time will be remembered as a historical period for Gelco family. Harsh Shah’s commitment and dedication for his work is really admirable, which we do admire. He has touched and transformed mindset of our family member’s in a way that our members will cherish this experience throughout their life and they feel proud to be members of GELCO family.

We are producing miracles and will continue to do so due to this Business Transformation journey.

A team like Vivarta is unique in our country and I am glad to have association with Vivarta. I wish them all the best for their future journey.

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