I.S. Saiyad

It has been a privilege to work with Harsh and his Team over the last three months. Their business transformation journey is truly world class. I have travelled & worked in more than 32 countries and please to say that Vivarta’s methodologies, workshops and hands on approach truly tops all other Management Consulting companies.

Vivarta’s work is not only great for the Board and senior management; they also reach at the grassroots level. Within a short span of time, Harsh has proved that “Daily miracles” can happen.

Today all employees truly experience “GELCO” as their own company and fully committed to achieve our vision. If you are committed to see breakthrough results & unprecedented performance, Team Vivarta is your right partner on this journey. They are world class in what they do! This journey has transformed my personal life, professional life and public life.

Thanks to “GELCO” Management for this big opportunity.

I.S. Saiyad General Manager, Exports, Gelco Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Rik Blanchard

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harsh Shah on a number of Award winning Transformation projects at both State & National level. Harsh’s ability to balance high level technical accounting with first class people & communication skills are a huge reason for this success. Harsh has a natural, innate ability to read client emotions & replace their fears with solutions & subsequent clarity.

Rik Blanchard Sr. Business Manager, , IPA Personnel
Keith Bailey

Harsh has demonstrated a genuine empathy in supporting management & staff in turnarounds while applying financial & cultural reform. Harsh is an astute & independent observer of organisational behavior & has leveraged his natural skills with advanced training in business transformation in providing facilitation solutions.

Keith Bailey Interim CEO/Board Advisor , Vantage Performance FAICD
Dom Del Borrello

Harsh really get’s the people piece when working with distressed businesses undergoing turnaround / performance improvement. He has the ability to show genuine client empathy even under the most difficult circumstances.

Dom Del Borrello Director, Financial Advisory Services at Deloitte

Pedro Bueno

I had the privilege to work with Harsh on a long term project that he managed to turn around a client from historical negative figures to five consecutive months of positive EBIT. Harsh is a leader that makes miracles happen. He transforms ordinary people into extraordinary human beings. Harsh is an authentic and honest leader who inspires others to be at their best everyday.

Pedro Bueno Senior Manager at PwC Consulting, Vantage Performance

Quentin Jones

Harsh is an extraordinary and passionate young man. My encounters with him have revealed someone who is committed to making a difference in the world and to those around him. He has a vision for a better future, which is both engaging and inspiring. I am looking forward to seeing what he achieves, as his capacity to manifest his dreams strengthens and matures.

Quentin Jones Managing Director at CLS360 Pty. Ltd.
Susan Morgan FAIM

Harsh is an extraordinary man who consistently delivers extraordinary results for his clients. The breadth of these results go far beyond “cents and dollars”. His humility, insight and absolute dedication to sustainably transforming clients situations, both personal and business, is exceptional. A true focus on delivering holistic solutions underpins his approach. Better than words I can say are his clients actions – who maintain contact as genuine friends.

Susan Morgan FAIM Principal Advisor, Vantage Performance
Christine Moody

I cannot recommend Harsh Shah highly enough. He looks at the ‘business’ side of the client’s company as well as the ‘people’ side as he knows that organisations require this holistic approach to succeed in today’s complex business environment. This empathy means organisations he consults with have the best person to guide and mentor them to achieve great things together.

Christine Moody Founder + Chief Brand Officer @ Brand Audits
Mick O’Bree

Harsh’s professional and personal commitment to his clients is absolutely second to none. He treats them not like clients but like an extension of his family. He is truly dedicated to business transformation and it shows in the success of his clients.

Mick O’Bree Director at Ausure Insurance Brokers
Michael Oon AFAIM

Harsh has an excellent balance in his professional and personal life. He is outstanding in turning low performing businesses around and transforming work cultures by working at grass-root levels through to the CEO. Whilst he is analytical in his approach, he does not waste useful executive time by cutting to the chase with appropriate solutions. Harsh attacks every issue both technically and from the people’s perspective. Harsh is a valued ex-colleague and personal friend.

Michael Oon AFAIM General Manager
Elizabeth Mawby

I had the privilege of working with Harsh for over 5 years at Vantage Performance. Harsh has a genuine passion for improving business performance through the engagement and alignment of its people.
He also has a very strong practical business background, and has the rare ability to balance business acumen and mindset transformation to create sustainable strategic and cultural change quickly and efficiently.
Harsh’s honesty, integrity and ability to engage employees at all levels enable him to succeed in the most challenging and complex business circumstances.

Elizabeth Mawby Business Analysis | Performance Improvement | Risk Management, Elizabeth worked directly with Harsh at Vantage Performance
Garry Pennell

Harsh is deeply committed to changing organisations to achieve superior outcomes. He is very consultative, and works with all levels of the organisation to get cooperation and to focus the business on achieving its targeted outcomes.He gains trust because he is honest, upfront and 100% reliable.Harsh has much to offer any organisation facing a changing or uncertain future.

Garry Pennell Principal Consultant, Avadaga Consulting Pty Ltd
Rebecca Mair

Harsh worked with us in his capacity as a financial controller and business financial strategiest. He had great ideas and was always proactive in assisting us to achieve a positive outcome for our business. Harsh has a great balance of being able to crunch the numbers but not lose sight of the emotional impact that certain decisions make. This can be a rare combination of skill in an accountant/financial role and one that we are very grateful that he was able to provide to us in our business. We would thoroughly recommend Harsh and the great value that he can bring to any organisation.

Rebecca Mair Director - Finance & Operations at Australian Industrial Rental
Russell Morrison

Harsh was engaged with a new client to assess financial performance and provide a report with strategic advice including updated financial forecasts. The report was provided in a timely manner and identified the key issues that required action. I would recommend Harsh for his attention to detail and assessment skills. I am sure the clients he works with respect his skills, experience and advice.

Russell Morrison Relationship Director, Westpac
Susan Bonaci

Harsh has a unique combination of technical accounting knowledge and a genuine passion and skill for transforming people and organisations. He has the ability to connect and engage with people on a very authentic level – a trait that is a huge asset in the business transformation work he does.

Susan Bonaci Marketing Manager at Vantage Performance
Jen Fisher

Harsh is a passionate professional who is absolutely committed to supporting others with integrity and respect. He delivers measurable and valued impacts.

He is very knowledgeable and a strategic thinker. His Clients hold him in high regard and maintain contact beyond his work with them.

His ‘hands on’ experience in financial turnaround management and performance improvement together with his holistic approach to business effectiveness and sustainability, provides business leadership with benefits beyond expectations.

Jen Fisher
Sandipan Ray

We had not spoken or met earlier…but Harsh made one statement and what follows was a commitment to meetup again. Harsh can see through your eyes.. he motivated me to know myself better, question me self.

Usually I don’t get impressed…but with Harsh it is different, he can impress people with his genuineness and honesty. He is man of his words and expect the same from others.

I am looking forward to have some more meeting and discussion with him. Wish him a great time ahead.

Sandipan Ray Experienced Marketing & Small Business Outreach Specialist

Belinda Wheatley

I have the pleasure of working with Harsh at Vantage Performance. Harsh is a very ethical professional who goes above and beyond for every client. His friendly persona, passion and motivation makes him a very engaging coworker and ensures he forms strong working relationships internally and with clients. Harsh is generous with his time and always willing to share his knowledge and experience in providing strategy, capital and people solutions.

Belinda Wheatley Business Centre Manager / Partner at WorkPac Newman

Chetan Puri

Have known Harsh Shah for more than 10 years, a man with a distinctive personality, who always love challenges for whom, the theory of impossible is ” I” “M” possible. He always had a vision and has set a mandate to achieve it. I am sure with his willingness and diligence we will soon see Harsh Shah at new heights. I wish Harsh Shah all the best and keep up all the good work.

Chetan Puri Senior Financial Accountant at Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council
Nicole Billett

It has been a pleasure working with Harsh on creating solid internal financial management processes and procedures within our business. A calm, pragmatic approach was needed and his high level counsel assisted greatly with strategic decision making for the Exec team.

Nicole Billett MD / CEO, Teddington Pty Ltd
Simon Barwick

I have worked with Harsh over many years on a variety of mutual clients. I have always found his professionalism to be exemplary and whose dedication to his clients is second to none. He balances client empathy with hardened corporate experience which delivers superior client outcomes. I would happily recommend Harsh to any client that requires his service.

Simon Barwick Financial Adviser, John Hopkins Financial Services
Nick Sharrock

Working with Harsh I found him to be a Consultant of integrity and intelligence. Harsh has a genuine care for the work and the people he works with.

Nick Sharrock Freelance Business Consultant and Interim Leader